A Month that Flew By

August (and the end of July plus the first few days of September) went by so crazily quickly I didn’t get a post up. So here are a few shots of what I was up to. Hopefully, I’ll get some tips and recipes up in the coming weeks. Let’s consider this my re-entry into the blogosphere.

2014-08-10 19.51.48
Favorite hot sauce – the annual batch!
2014-09-04 17.39.32
Arroz con pollo with homegrown peppers
2014-09-04 17.44.17
Some great eats around Nashville – and even into Chattanooga
2014-08-29 21.57.30
Pickling some Nashville Farmers Market finds
2014-08-28 20.28.26
My first attempt at homemade Nashville-style Hot Chicken
2014-08-29 09.12.02 HDR
Tending some lovely lantana by the porch
2014-08-25 19.58.21 HDR
Playful “cheese fries” with spicy curried chicken and paneer




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