15 tricks on how to tidy and organize the kitchen

15 tricks on how to tidy and organize the kitchen

Order and cooking are two terms that, when combined, are almost a dream come true. And, let’s face it, it is not always easy to keep our kitchens organized for several reasons. The first, because constant activity in them is inevitable . The second, due to the uncontrollable temptation of some cooks to get more and more appliances of all kinds to improve or speed up our gastronomic creations. And the third, due to the lack of space that most of us have to face. However, a well-organized kitchen brings endless advantages : it allows us to know where each utensil is at all times, maximize the size of the room even in kitchens with fewer square meters and obtain those doses of peace and balance that we need. Marie Kondo already spoke. If you don’t know where or how to start placing things in yours, today we give you some tips and tricks to answer the eternal question: how to organize the kitchen.  If you are also interested in knowing how to make your kitchen more efficient, we told you everything in this post .

1. Throw away what you don’t use

Also anything that is broken or expired. You can empty drawers, cabinets and shelves to make the selection; We will move on to putting everything back once we have cleaned it thoroughly. What objects are expendable? Surely you can get rid of useless utensils, appliances that no longer work or that you never use.

2. Classify

It is important to organize by categories and dedicate a specific space to each thing. That is to say: the pans must always go with the pans, the lids with the lids and not mix with the pots; forks, spoons and knives, in separate compartments; The glasses and cups can be accumulated in a tower shape (or you can also hang the ones with handles from the shelf of the closet shelf), but they should avoid getting together so as not to break them. It seems logical, but sometimes in a hurry, the convenience of storing everything in the first space we see is very tempting and not at all effective in maintaining the order we want to achieve.

3. Use drawers with different levels

Since we’re talking about cutlery, let’s talk about drawers. Yours probably fits more than one tray per drawer, so, if your cutlery is abundant, it is better to divide it into two and leave the cutlery that you use daily on the top shelf, the one closest to hand. 

4. Always have a clear countertop

It is very common to accumulate appliances that we do not use often on the counter, as well as salt shakers, jars, spices or oil bottles. We recommend storing everything in closets, and if they are closed closets, even better since they will give a greater feeling of order and cleanliness. 

5. Use baskets to organize

Not all kitchens can fit as many cabinets as we would like, it is true. Therefore, to store some things but keep the countertop clear, we can use wicker or metal baskets and baskets or an extra cart with wheels. In addition to the fact that they work wonderfully aesthetically, they are very practical when you have doubts about how to organize the kitchen and make it look beautiful .

6. Magnetic strip for knives

If you are also one of those who keeps knives in a drawer haphazardly, you should know that a magnetic strip on the countertop can solve your life and, very importantly, avoid unexpected cuts. 

7. Shelves and verticality

Shelves and verticality

More ideas with which you can take advantage of the walls if you don’t have enough space or closets? You can place a narrow shelf to always have spices at hand, a support on which to put kitchen paper or horizontal metal bars with S-shaped hooks from which to hang buckets to store wooden spoons , cloths or cloth gloves. .

8. Think tall

It’s a matter of logic: what you use most often, always have it at hand, and the devices you use less, keep them on the upper shelves of the closets. If yours reach the ceiling, take advantage of that space; If you are not that lucky, you can always use boxes and baskets as storage so that the top part of your cabinets also maintains order and does not just accumulate dust.

9. Take advantage of the gaps

Some kitchens do not have closed cabinets under the counter, which requires maintaining even more rigorous order. If you want your utensils and household items not to be visible, you can use a pretty fabric as a curtain to hide the inside of the gaps . You can also place rails to create removable drawers and thus take advantage of the depth of those spaces in a more comfortable way. 

10. Take advantage of closet doors

It is a fact: cabinets that have removable shelves are one of the best inventions that have been achieved in kitchen furniture. But more traditional cabinets can also see their space maximized through the interior of their doors, from which we can hang cloths on adhesive hooks, pot and pan lid organizers, or hanging metal baskets that will fulfill a very useful function as shelving. 

11. Transparent jars

Packages closed with clips or rubber bands are always a threat to the cleanliness and order of our kitchens. Use, as a substitute, transparent jars and jars, which in addition to being more convenient and effective, can be very decorative. 

12. The cabinet under the sink

The cabinet under the sink is no less important than the rest, and as such, you should treat it with care and attention, especially considering that it can be very useful for storing cleaning products, rags, sponges or bags, which you should always Store well folded and stored in a basket or box.

13. Organize the trash

There are closets that have a removable and sliding shelf reserved for trash, something that is tremendously useful. But if you do not have this convenience, we recommend, without a doubt, investing in a trash can that has a separation for recycling . This way you will avoid accumulating different bags and cubes that end up taking up a lot of space and giving your kitchen a great feeling of disorder.

14. What to do with the rags

The first thing you should ask yourself when this doubt assails you is: which of them are really in good condition? Keep the essentials and store them, neatly folded, in a drawer. If you don’t have enough space to dedicate an entire drawer to them, you can hang them from the inside of a cabinet door, from a hook on the wall, or from the oven knob. 

15. Don’t neglect the refrigerator or freezer

Don't neglect the refrigerator or freezer

The refrigerator is an appliance that we must pay special attention to when we think about how to organize the kitchen. When it’s your turn to organize it, you’ll probably realize how much expired and forgotten food is at the end of your shelves, a food waste that you can put a stop to by opting for frozen products, which have a long shelf life (minimum 24 months). To prevent this from happening again, maintain order in the trays and drawers, and we are not just referring to the refrigerator drawers, you should also take care of the classification of the freezer drawers . You can reserve, for example, a drawer for our Verleal deep-frozen vegetables and group our organic products , vegetables and our culinary aids there , and keep them without any problem in their original packaging. 

It’s not a popular saying, but it could be: don’t put off until tomorrow the kitchen you can order today . And it would be a very wise saying, since, as we have seen, one of the secrets of how to organize the kitchen lies in maintaining order day by day and making the most of each of the spaces and corners we have. 

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