How long to pressure cook chicken breast

How long to pressure cook chicken breast
How long to pressure cook chicken breast

In the world of food innovations, pressure cooking has become a very useful method that has changed the way we cook. Pressure-cooking a chicken breast is a great example of how well you can master speed and flavor in the kitchen. This guide takes you on a tour of all the different ways to cook chicken breast under pressure. It gives you a complete plan for how to get juicy, perfectly cooked food in record time.

Imagine that the smell of juicy chicken breast fills your kitchen, teasing you with the promise of a healthy and delicious meal soon to come. Pressure cooking is a kind of culinary magic that combines speed, accuracy, and taste to turn foods that seem ordinary into tasty treats. This guide will help you on your culinary adventure by showing you How long to pressure cook chicken breast.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about pressure-cooking chicken breast, from the first steps of preparation to the careful time needed for each cut and type. Learn about the magic that happens when the right skills, ingredients, and pressures come together to make a meal that is both filling and tasty. As you read on, you’ll see that pressure-cooking chicken breast is more than just a way to cook it. It’s a masterpiece of culinary skill, a symphony of flavors and textures that comes out just right.

Step-by-Step Guide: Pressure Cooking Chicken Breast

When using a pressure cooker to cook chicken breast, there is a clear way to do it that balances flavor, softness, and safety. Let’s take a closer look at each step.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you put the chicken breast in the pressure cooker, you should set the stage for success by:

Start by putting your favorite herbs, spices, and marinades on the chicken breasts. This easy step adds wonderful flavors to the meat.

Use your pressure cooker’s sauté setting if you want to brown the chicken. This step makes the food more interesting by giving it a rich, savory outside.

Step 2: Adding Liquid

The steam that is made when you add liquid is the basis of pressure cooking:

Choose a liquid base, like chicken soup or water, to keep the food from drying out and keep it from burning.

How much liquid you need varies on the type of pressure cooker you have and the recipe you are using.

Step 3: Pressure Cooking Time

Timing is the key to getting the right amount of softness and doneness:

Set the pressure cooker to high pressure and let the chicken breasts cook for 6 to 8 minutes. They cook faster because they are lean.

For chicken breasts with bones still in them, cook on high pressure for 10 to 12 minutes longer. Bones take longer to cook than meat without bones.

For even doneness, thicker chicken breasts might need a little more time.

Step 4: Let it go by itself or quickly

After cooking, choose the right way to let the air out:

Allow the pressure to slowly go away over 10 to 15 minutes or more for a Natural Release. This slow release is great when you want to keep cooking.

Turning the pressure release button quickly to let steam out is what “Quick Release” means. It’s good for when you want to stop cooking right away.

Step 5: Make sure it’s done

Checking the temperature inside the chicken makes sure it is both tasty and safe to eat:

Use a meat thermometer to find out how hot the chicken breast is inside. It should hit 165°F (75°C) before it is safe to eat.

Step 6: Take a break

For the best result, you must let the chicken breast rest after cooking it under pressure:

Resting for a few minutes lets the juices redistribute, making sure the end dish is moist and tasty.

How long does it take to pressure-cook frozen chicken breast?

When compared to fresh chicken, frozen chicken breasts need more time to cook under pressure. The freezing process makes it take longer for the pressure cooker to build up, so cooking times should be changed. On average, boneless chicken breasts take 12 to 15 minutes to cook, while pieces with bones may take 20 to 25 minutes. It’s important to make sure the inside temperature is at least 165°F (75°C) before eating. But for the best structure and taste, you should let the chicken thaw before pressure cooking it.

Can you pressure-cook frozen chicken?

Yes, you can cook cold chicken in a pressure cooker, but there are some things to keep in mind. Even though you can cook frozen chicken in a pressure cooker, it tastes better and cooks more evenly if you let the chicken thaw first. If you are cooking frozen chicken in a pressure cooker, you will need to adjust the cooking time to account for the extra time it will take to thaw the chicken and hit the safe internal temperature of 165°F (75°C). Keep in mind that letting the chicken thaw before cooking it under pressure is usually the best way to get the best taste and softness.

How long does it take a pressure cooker to cook a chicken breast?

Put under If the chicken breasts are fresh, cook them on high for 8–10 minutes. If they are frozen, cook them for 10–12 minutes, based on how thick they are. No matter how much chicken you put in the pot, the cooking time stays the same. The pot will just take longer to come to pressure.


Learning how to cook chicken breasts in a pressure cooker is a skill that will save you time and make your food taste better. Each step is important for making delicious, soft food, from the right preparation to the right cooking time to releasing the pressure. As you get better at these skills, you’ll find that pressure-cooking chicken breast opens up a whole new world of ways to cook that are both easy and delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pressure-cook chicken too long?

Usually, it’s easy to cook chicken for too long, but it’s hard to do that in an instant pot. The flavor and wetness of chicken are really locked in when it is cooked under pressure. I wouldn’t cook a pound of chicken in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes, but if you do, it probably won’t even be too done!

How long should I cook chicken breasts?

Follow these numbers for a general idea of how long to bake chicken breasts: Large chicken breasts without bones or skin take 20 to 30 minutes to cook in an oven set to 375 degrees F.

Is it better to slow cook or pressure cook chicken breast?

Even though cooking chicken under pressure and then pulling it is faster than this slow-cooking process, it doesn’t give the rich juices enough time to soak into the meat.

Is it good to cook chicken in a pressure cooker?

If you put cooking liquid in the bottom of the pressure cooker and put the chicken in a steamer basket above the liquid, the chicken will always be soft and moist. But you can also make a sauce in the slow cooker and cook your chicken in it.

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